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It is polyester developed at ADVANSA in Germany and its cross section is made in double structure. The double structure of a hollow core and multi-channeled surface cross section have the excellent functions of temperature keeping and ventilation which provide the pleasure to human body.

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The channeled surface cross section helps the evaporation of the sweat by improving the diffusion and conveying function of the
-fiber by conducting the sweat into the fiber.
The cross section of hollow core has a heat buffering capacity as it is composed of light heat insulating material. It prevents the
-change of internal and external temperature of clothes with the same effect of double layer of window which maintains the
-temperature change of the room by ventilating the warm and cold air promptly.
The excellent circulation of the air improves the dry capacity of the textile with better ventilation because the air pocket is created
-from the combination of hollow core and multi-channeled surface.

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ThermoCool is excellent in drying capability of moisture than any other textile owing to the combination of the unique textile. This textile is composed by the addition of the function of evaporation at the surface of textile. Such multiple surfaces of the textile have the excellent conveying ability of moisture.

The air circulation capability of the hollow fiber concentrates the high temperature energy of human body during the evaporation process. The function of thermo buffering capability maintained by the empty space inside the fiber of light material in ThermoCool reserves the body temperature of user from the external temperature. Besides that, it prevents from the excessive heating due to the coldness and air after the exercise.

Dual function : Dry pleasure and heat buffering The pleasure of dryness will keep the coolness and freshness of the user. The thermo buffering function will prevent the coldness and control the skin temperature after the exercise.

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Sleepwear or inner clothes keeping Temperature
Sports wear
Shirts and functional clothes

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Products Compose Rate(%) Ring Ecosil
THERMOCOOL/TENCEL (A-100) 50/50 NEC 20'~40' NEC 20'~40'
THERMOCOOL/TENCEL (LF-TYPE) 50/50 NEC 20'~40' NEC 20'~40'
THERMOCOOL/CUPRA 50/50 NEC 20'~40' NEC 20'~30'
THERMOCOOL/CUPRA 70/30 NEC 20'~40' NEC 20'~40'
THERMOCOOL/COTTON 50/50 NEC 20'~40' NEC 20'~30'