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VILOFT is a viscous fiber which has a modified nature of transversal cross section made in the company of Kelheim in Germany and it has the unique plane transversal cross section and circular sawtooth type surface. It is a rayon fiber with flat cross section in ratio of 5:1 for length and width of the fiber and a grooved surface. It is usually made of polyester or cotton blends in general because of such feature of surface.

모달 생산품목
It is more flexible and softer than the fiber which has a circular cross section.
-It has slit pattern on the surface and a unique flat cross section. It provides the super and soft feeling of comfort comparing to
-skin to the material textile and clothes.

High thermo keeping function by forming the air pocket inside the material fiber.
-When it is blended with cotton or polyester, the flat cross section of fiber forms the air pocket that blocks the cold air. Especially,
-it is more effective when it is blended with polyester which has a circular cross section.

Moisture control function and quick dry
-Moisture is delivered to outside through the material textile from the skin by the capillary phenomenon.

모달 생산품목
Sleep wear for thermo keeping
Inner clothes
Sports wear
Functional clothes
모달 생산품목
Products Compose Rate(%) Ring Ecosil
VILOFT 100% NEC 20'~40' NEC 20'~40'
VILOFT/POLY 50/50 NEC 20'~40' NEC 20'~40'
VILOFT/COTTON 50/50 NEC 20'~40' NEC 20'~40'