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Acrylic/Acetate Hybrid Fiber

It absorbs moisture from the air and produces an increase in temperature.
It feels like a soft powdery touch on the skin.
It reduces acetic acid, isovaleric acid and nonenal, which are the main ingredients of perspiration odor.
The fiber contains a natural anti-microbial agent, so it suppresses the growth of staphylococcus aureus and passed JTETC standard for anti-microbal/odor-preventing property.
There is no loss of performance when the fiber is washed during textile processing or as a finished product.

Cross-section of Renaiss
Sports Wear
Inner Wear
Home textile, etc.
Ecosil Modal / Renaiss 20’s ~ 40’s (70/30)
Porexil-std. / Renaiss 20’s ~ 40’s (70/30)
Ecosil Renaiss / Blended other fibers
Test Data (KATRI)
Modal / Renaiss 40’s (85/15) Single Jersey
(The Changes of Temperature for Humidity Change)
Temperature (max) Temperature (average) Rising Temperature Difference
Modal/Renaiss(85/15) 24.38℃ 20.36℃ 4.02℃ +2.8℃
Cotton 100% 21.33℃ 20.11℃ 1.22℃
Rising Temperature : Average temperature from 20℃ RH 20% to 20℃ RH 90% in Chamber